Netwire finds the ultimate QA verification tool

In a recent project of more than one million words for a company in the finance sector, the client came back after delivery with new terminology preferences that would need to be implemented over 104 files and updated in the TM.

Juliana Marquezani, QA Manager at Netwire

Netwire, a Brazilian translation and localization company, started looking for the ideal QA tool to streamline the process from a quality and time-saving perspective so the project could be finished in record time. The answer to the challenge was Verifika.

Netwire is located in Campinas, Brazil and has an office in Rosario, Argentina. The company offers solutions to hundreds of enterprises in many sectors, from cosmetics to engineering, and for several language pairs.

The company has seen significant gains in translation quality and QA speed since it started using Verifika, thanks to the software’s wide range of features.

Essentially, Verifika is a modern QA software built for translators and agencies to perform a variety of terminology, spelling, consistency and formatting checks and corrections in bilingual files and translation memories in a variety of formats. The Verifika search engine played a key role in optimizing the revision process in Netwire’s case mentioned above.

“The ability to configure the filters and perform specific and global searches of the client’s terminology indications, combined with the ability to replace multiple occurrences with a single click, helped us turn the project around quickly for fast final delivery to the client,” says Juliana.

Since the translation market works to tight deadlines as a routine, Verifika’s features represent a huge advantage. According to Patricia Padovani, QA Department Team Leader, one of the great advantages of Verifika is that corrections can be made directly in the tool’s interface.

“We can easily be working with up to 3,000 files for a single project, so the fact that we do not need to switch back to the CAT program to find and correct issues saves a lot of QA time. Verifika also shows the context for segments with possible errors, so there is really no need to go back to the CAT program, even for in-depth analysis,” says Patricia.

Another time-saver is the Profiles feature, where users create templates with checks that can be saved and imported for future projects,One of Netwire’s goals is to bring together people and technology through all steps of the translation process. so there is no need to reconfigure the tool each time you use it.
Netwire’s QA Team makes the most of this feature by creating different profiles for each client’s preferences and glossaries, ensuring consistency across projects and making sure that important checks aren’t skipped by accident.

Because Netwire works with a large number of freelancers, it also appreciates Verifika’s floating licenses, the perfect solution for maximizing the investment and sharing resources.

Verifika has definitely become an essential tool in Netwire’s translation QA process. The company has found that Verifika stands out from the competition by ensuring quality translations, identifying a large range of issues and delivering serious QA time savings.