Check out new exciting features and improvements in Verifika 1.8

New features

  • Teamwork capability with word form database (only for LSP licenses)
  • Ability to Import and Export Word forms list
  • Ability to Import multi-column glossaries with selection of source/target columns
  • Ability to open Word form editor now from report
  • Support glossary (for terminology check) in Trados XML and TBX formats
  • Ability to automatically download Hunspell dictionaries for spelling check

New checks

  • Target segment less or greater than source segment by X percent


  • Tune for terminology check: Source and Target terms should be within the same tags
  • Tune for consistency check: Check also ignoring numbers
  • Tune for consistency check: Check also ignoring plural form (for English only)
  • Tune for consistency check: Check text only
  • Tune for Forbidden words check: Don’t report error if forbidden word appears in source also

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