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Translators and Editors

Reed D. Jamesin

Verfika accomplishes what no other translation QA tool does. Almost all CAT tools have a spell check and some have a QA module, but none is as thorough as Verifika.

I use Verifika after I have translated a document in my favorite CAT tool, MemoQ. I export the TM and load it into Verifika. It looks for minute differences such as symbols and signs that could be different. If I see any mistakes, I can manually edit them without having to go back to a CAT tool. Very handy!

This program always finds errors that I didn’t notice in my translations or that my CAT tool did not spot. I like Verifika because it is programmed for both the beginner and power software users. Since I don’t like using the mouse, I can use Verifika’s extensive hotkeys that make the editing experience more streamlined and efficient.

Another feature I like is creating templates. I can set up what things I want the program to check in a blank project and then use that project or whatever other ones I have set up instead of having to reconfigure Verifika every time I use it.

One of the many great things about Verifika is that it is always being improved and updated-usually at no extra charge unless it is a major update. And let’s face it, what is good software without good support? The staff at Verifika is helpful and friendly and always listens to me when I have a problem or request. The second is to review and correct translations done by other translators. In short, Verifika is a regular part of my translation workflow and I have become a more accurate translator as a result. I would recommend Verifika to any translator looking to improve him or herself.

Reed D. James, Professional Translator, Spanish-English Experience in Law and Business since 1995

Bjarni Gunnarssonin

I am very satisfied with Verifika, it allows me to complement xBench and the Trados verification and helps me catch errors that the other applications might miss.
It makes me more secure about the quality of my work and keeps the customers happy.

Bjarni Gunnarsson, State Authorised Translator and Court Interpreter

Tomáš Vaňoin

I have a degree in translating and have been working as a freelance translator for over 7 years now. For about the last four years I have been proofreading and QMing (i.e. 2nd proofreading or QA) literally on a daily basis. I work mainly with Trados and Wordfast, occasionally with MemoQ. I use a sophisticated spell-checker software and then XBench for cross-platform terminology look-up which offers also some QA features. Wordfast has another nice built-in QA tool – Transcheck.

Yet, here and there, I still tended to miss some errors and I started to search for a tool that would help me minimize the occasional dust of imperfectness on the SDLXLIFFs and TXMLs I was polishing. I had quite specific idea and after a short online research I found the tool I was looking for – and Verifika even surpassed my expectations. I am still amazed by the multitude of options for the broad range of possible issues which allow me to fine-tune the output. I also did not yet come across a file format I regularly work with that I could not check with this tool. Moreover, it saves really a lot of time that I do not need to open each file, locate the issue found in it and get back to another issue or the next file in the batch – with Verifika I can check all the different files at once and confirm and apply the changes without having to touch the given files themselves – this tool does it for me.

The program interface is very easy to follow and I did not need any kind of help/video/manual/tutorial to get started – I just installed the software and after just a few clicks I was familiar with how it works. The power of this tool is matched by the straightforwardness of its interface.

In long term, Verifika taught me to have a keen eye for the kind of issues I had a tendency to fail to notice – that is the “teacher part” of Verifika for me. And there is the “reliable friend” aspect when during a bad day or after not getting enough sleep – which everybody experiences sometimes – this tool is a real life-saver. Also, I never had any issue with Verifika despite often working with very large files and the tool’s processing speed is perfect as well.

Verifika goes way beyond any other tools’ capabilities as regards QA and I am just wondering how come I did not hear about it before. For me, there is nothing left to be desired.

Tomáš Vaňo, Independent Translation and Localization Professional

In-house translators and QA specialists

Maciej Krupińskiin

Verifika is becoming the ultimate QA tool. It beats every other piece of software on the market in terms of CAT-compatibility, user interface, customisation, stability, ease of use, technical support (including frequent and significant updates) and, last but not least, great customer support. Keep up the good work!

Maciej Krupiński, QA Team Leader at GET IT Language Solutions

Frank Schneidawindin

I have tried a few different QA applications such as CrossCheck Online, Okapi CheckMate and QA distiller, but these days I use mainly Verifika and Xbench.
While I simply adore the user-friendliness and uncluttered layout of Verifika (hands down the best one yet) and would like to use it exclusively, I do miss certain features that Xbench and some other programs provide.

Frank Schneidawind, Translation and Localization Services

Anthony Dunnin

In our industry, flexibility is key. This is precisely the quality that Verifika grants us. By creating a number of different profiles in line with the style and formatting requirements of different clients, such as number formats, spacing preferences, etc., we can quickly and easily QA check bilingual files without having to configure the settings in the translation software each time.

This both saves time, as in many cases Verifika replaces the QA checks in the CAT tool entirely, and improves accuracy, as the ability to configure bespoke profiles means that the false positives returned by the “generic” settings in CAT tool software are avoided.
What’s more, the fact that we can make changes in Verifika that the software will then implement directly into the bilingual file at the click of a button both speeds up the QA process and reduces the risk of human error.

A further benefit is the wide range of bilingual file types that Verifika can process. As an LSP with a variety of clients, each with their own CAT tool requirements, to have a single piece of software that is capable of processing all our main file types is exactly what we need. Whereas we previously used a variety of QA software, we now only need one.

In summary, Verifika is undoubtedly the most powerful QA tool in our arsenal. Ever since its introduction it has saved us countless hours in QA tasks while simultaneously improving the accuracy of our translated output. It is the speed and accuracy of Verifika, especially its powerful settings that ensure a low number of false positives and the ability to implement corrections directly into the bilingual file itself, that make Verifika such an indispensable part of our proofreading procedures.

Anthony Dunn, Senior Translator at Bridge Translation & Publishing Ltd.