Getting started with Verifika

1Download Verifika from our website

2Install the program and enter the registration key. For more about the installation and registration process, see Online help.

3Open Verifika. The main window opens.

4Add the bilingual files you want to check using the Add files and Add folder buttons in the main window.

5The default Verifika profile already contains the most frequently used checks selected. To perform a check, click the Check button.

6The Report window appears with the first error in the list open.

7To resolve the error, edit the text in the Target segment (1) field, or apply the Suggested autofix (2) if provided. If the error is corrected, the segment will be deleted from the report.

8If this segment doesn’t contain an error, right-click on it in the list and assign it a No error status.

9To save the changes you made in bilingual files, click the Save changes button.

10To export errors to Excel format, click the Export -> Export common errors button.

11Perform the same operations with all tabs containing errors. For detailed information about work with reports, see Using the program in this manual.

Done! Your bilingual files are fixed and the errors are saved as an Excel report.

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