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The summer training programme in LIDO-LANG QA Department

The summer training programme at the LIDO-LANG QA Department came to an end.
They reported: “Discovering the tricks of the trade, our six trainees have learned most translation QA processes and explored the intricacies of working with CAT tools. The remaining time will be dedicated to getting to know our clients’ individual requirements.

The programme involved the trainees doing mainly practical tasks. Each trainee, teamed with a verifier who works with the same languages and who took on a tutoring role, have been familiarizing themselves with the way the QA Department operates. The training began with easier texts and specially devised exercises which gradually prepared each trainee to integrate their work into the day-to-day work of the Department.

LIDO-LANG has been really appreciative of being able to use the Palex Verifika program, licensed to us free of charge for the duration of the training. This powerful QA tool is very often used by LIDO-LANG verifiers in their everyday tasks because it greatly facilitates the work.”