Verifika 1.5.2: digital sign, batch replace, etc.

Verifika 1.5.2 released today is eventually digitally signed, so your antiviral software won’t report it any longer!

Additionally, we have fixed a bug when Verifika crashed trying to handle some file combinations, added a batch replace that helps you work even faster (just note it won’t work if you use Power search in target for quite obvious reasons).

The application also became more convenient: after you correct an error, it now switches to the next not ignored error in the list, we introduced a shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+Space) toignore the whole current error group and close it (an error in the group should be selected), and you can now copy tags from source to target in the context viewer without exiting the edit mode.

A lot of smaller improvements will make it even more convenient and user-friendly.