Verifika 1.6.1: Support for MemSource XLIFF, Forbidden Words Check and Much More…

We’re glad to announce a minor update, Verifika 1.6.1. Main fresh additions include:

  • Support for MemSource XLIFF file format
  • Check for forbidden words: if you do not want some particular words to appear in the translation, include them into the blacklist
  • Forbidden term forms are not suggested as word forms if the check for forbidden words is on
  • New format of spelling report
  • Option to ignore all errors in protected segments; before that, Verifika reported consistency errors anyway, now you can choose if you want them reported or not
  • Option to protect ContextMatch in SDL XLIFF files
  • Option to not generate spell-checking suggestions to shorten the overall check time
  • Reduced memory usage
  • And a lot of smaller improvements that make Verifika work faster, safer and more conveniently