Verifika 2.0 – Get things done faster with redesigned user interface and accelerated checks

This new look has been beta-tested by professional translators and QA managers in their every-day workflows.

Among LSP-only features designed to increase productivity of QA departments and QA managers, we also added custom check feature for professional technical and medical translators.

Now you can customize your checks to perform text-specific quality control. For example, you can create a custom check, which will detect different number of entities in source and target texts. It is a long-expected feature for regular expressions masters for sure.

New command line mode – The mode is targeting those agencies who try to automate their workflows. LSP license owners will minimize number of iterations by eliminating human errors during files preparation.

New features

  • Custom check
  • New command line mode (LSP license)
  • Autosave project
  • Logoport RTF support
  • Memsource XLIFF editing

New checks

  • Invalid short date
  • Missing copyright character
  • Different number of trade mark characters in source and target
  • Different number of register mark characters in source and target
  • Target segment is longer or shorter than source segment by number of characters


  • Improved TXML support
  • Redesigned interface
  • Many user interface improvements
  • Upgraded spell checker
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced FP rate for some checks
  • Improved terminology check for some languages

We believe your experience with Verifika 2.0 should be outstanding!