Verifika 2.1 with SDL Trados Studio 2014 Plugin

If you use built-in QA modules, you are aware of the unbearable processing times during QA checks and the high rates of false positives.

This is especially true when you have large projects subdivided into dozens and hundreds of files.

Because of this, it is well known that professional translators prefer to use external Quality Assurance Tools for running QA check on large projects; however, it still takes extra processing and extra project creation time.

How can new Verifika 2.1 with Studio Plugin make all the difference in achieving a high-quality level while saving time?

  • The plugin for SDL Trados Studio 2014 automatically sets up the project for you in Verifika.
  • You don’t need to spend extra time switching back and forth between the tools to edit segments. As usual, you make any corrections directly in Verifika.

While running the QA in Verifika may not totally reduce the number of false positives, it significantly speeds up the QA process with its Auto-fix options, powerful Consistency checks and Search/replace feature.

When you install Verifika 2.1 with the plugin, you will see the Verifika icon in the Studio 2014 ribbon.

Verifika has many checks setup for you. Therefore, just click the button on the ribbon and experience a faster and more reliable QA check.

We encourage all Studio 2014 users to install Verifika 2.1 with plugin as it will save you tons of time. Start by getting your free 14-Day Trial.


    1. gilev

      Verifika 32-bit version supports ITD files. Verifika 64-bit will support ITD very soon. We’ll let you know Sinan ASAP.

  1. Sachin

    Can you please let me know is there are any excel plugins are available for Verifika CAT Tool?
    If yes, can you please let know the procedure to adopt this? It will really help me in my research project.

    Sometimes we receives a excel file for translation of which particular segments are needed only to translated but not the whole file. In that case Verifika CAT tool help me to perform translation on it (which provides excel plugins for their CAT Tool)?

    1. gilev

      Hello Sachin,
      Verifika is a quality assurance tool, which is integrated into Studio 2014/2015 CAT tool with a special plugin distributed via our website or translation zone for free.

  2. Corinne

    Hi, when trying to use verifika Plugin in Trados 2015, it asks me for a license key, why? Is it not free when used in Trados?

    1. Alex Gil

      Hi Corinne,
      Plugin is free for a Verifika user. If you have a purchased license you may install it and run from Trados.