Verifika 2.5 Tackles Bilingual Review Files from Word and Progressive XLIFF 2.0 Directly

Both formats have been added, and not by an accident.

In many cases, DOC files are still a standard way of transferring bilingual documents.

Almost always, a project manager needs to work with an editor or with a subject matter expert who prefers using Microsoft Word, but refuses using a CAT tool.

It can also be handy for a translator to have a colleague review a translation.
Users of SDL Studio or memoQ can export translations into Microsoft Word.
For example, in Studio, it is called an Export for External Review batch task.

With Verifika 2.5You can now control quality and edit bilingual Word files directly into the tool before importing the changes back into Studio or memoQ. Apply Verifika trial.

One of the latest trends in the localization industry is the adoption of the progressive XLIFF 2.0 file format.

Verifika 2.5’s support of this file format gives us the feeling that we are at the cutting edge of the industry, and it also reduces the cost of the adoption of XLIFF 2.0 for our clients.

Following the beta launch of Verifika 2.5, we listened to our clients to see if we were successful with reducing the false positives rate and properly adopting the XLIFF 2.0 file format and the editing of Word Bilingual Review files, and so far, all of the feedback has been very positive. We are very excited about this response to Verifika 2.5.

Sergey Trifonov, Software Development Director

All powerful Verifika 2.5 functionality can now be applied to Bilingual Review Files from Word and XLIFF 2.0. Download Verifika 2.5.

Verifika 2.5 Features

  • Support for external MS Word review of SDL Trados Studio and memoQ bilingual files
  • Edit Microsoft Word files directly in Verifika
  • XLIFF 2.0 support
  • Reduced FP rate for Spellcheck
  • Faster HunSpell spellcheck
  • Improved Search algorithm for detecting word forms
  • Add comments to consistency errors
  • Add/edit words in word form editor
  • Add user-defined checks from Search tab


    1. Alex Gil Reply

      Pluging for SDL Trados Studio 2014 is free and is available on Translation zone website as well as on our website (see Download page).

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