Verifika backs up your bilingual files to help you stay on the safe side

We have received probably the first user complaint tonight. A trial user said her .sdlxliff files got corrupted with Verifika. As she did not provide any information regarding to what exactly was corrupted and how, we hardly can clarify on this at the moment. However, what may be really important for all our users, is that you’re still on the safe side! That particular user said she had to re-translate the files anew using the existing TM, but this is absolutely unnecessary with Verifika!

By default, Verifika makes backup copies of the files each time you save them. It adds an underscore and the sequence number, plus .bak extension to the file name, i.e. if you save a file named chapter1.ttx, the backup copies will have names chapter1.ttx_0.bak, chapter1.ttx_1.bak etc. The very first version of the files is saved as chapter.ttx.orig.bak and is kept even when backups start looping, so you always can get back to the very first version of the files. Backup files are located in verifika_backup folder under the project folder.
Maximum number of backup copies is 20.

Automatic restore is not supported, so if you would like to get back to some older version of the files, you will need to manually move and rename the respective files to the appropriate folder.