Work Faster – Reuse of Settings

Here you can find some hints that will help you to use Verifika in a more efficient use.

Reuse of settings

If you often use the same checks with different language settings and different filesets, the following procedure will help you to work faster:

  1. Create an empty project
  2. Select language-specific settings for each required target language
  3. Save the project

You can save several such projects with different settings:

  • For different clients
  • For different project types

Whenever you need to check files, just open this project, add files and start working.

Important! Because some languages have variants for different countries, it may cause problems if you receive the files with a language code that you did not expect (e.g. files for Spanish (Spain) were occasionally prepared as Spanish (Venezuela)). In this case the defined settings won’t be applied to files with a different language code, and you will have to copy settings from the language that was set up to the new language variant.

If you prepare an empty project for future use and have sample files with required languages, you can add these files to make sure the language codes are recognized correctly and define language-specific settings for these languages. Then the files with the same language codes will be checked according to the same rules.

A possibility to change language associated with the files will be added in the future. Then you will be able to apply rules for the language for which they have been set to any files.

s, just click one of the inconsistent segment lines).