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Everything you need to know

Verifika is a QA tool for professionals who need to deliver high accuracy translations within tight deadlines.

Edit Text Directly in the Tool

You can edit segments without having to go back to a CAT tool. Very handy!

Powerful Search

Use Find/Replace option to search for terms or phrase in the bilingual files - this could be done very fast.

Manage Many Files

Fast manage jobs subdivided into 10, 80 or even 500 files. You don’t need to go back to your original files.

Support for Memsource Cloud, Crowdin and Transifex localization platforms.

Check out new Features and Improvements


  1. New reverse check for Terminology
  2. New reverse check for Untranslatables
  3. Language-specific user-defined checks
  4. False positive rate reduced for Tags and Numbers
  5. Improved Mathematical sign check
  6. Improved UX for Report window
  7. Improved integration with cloud platforms: Transifex, Crowdin, SmartCat and Memsource
  8. Plugin for SDL Studio 2017
  9. Experimental feature: User-defined ignore

What our customers say about Verifika

417 companies and over 6000 translators enjoy Verifika today!


Martin Hendersonin
For us, Verifika is undoubtedly the most powerful QA tool in our arsenal. Ever since its introduction it has saved us countless hours in QA tasks while simultaneously improving the accuracy of our translated output. Low number of false positives and the ability to implement corrections directly into the bilingual file itself makes it an indispensable part of our proofreading procedures.

Martin Henderson, Managing Director at Bridge Translation & Publishing Ltd.

John Detrein
I have used it regularly since I purchased it and running the Verifika check has quickly become a standard part of my workflow. It has improved the quality of my work, catching many potentially embarrassing errors, and it has also increased my speed; when translating a financial report, for example, I no longer take care to make sure I’m getting all the numbers right and double-check everything before delivering the job because I know that if I make a mistake Verifika will catch it.

John Detre, Translator at Analogos

Gabriela ArriaranGabriela Arriaran
Verifika is a great quality assurance tool. It helps fix mechanical errors very easily and fast. You do not have to open the files in any other CAT tool to correct the errors, everything is integrated in Verifika. It helps us with tight deadlines, especially with very big files in which you want to correct faster. Its functions and options are very comprehensive and everything we need (and more) is there! We encourage other colleagues to use it too.

Gabriela Arriaran, Production Manager at Flixtranslations

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